Main Changes

Main changes in the 2010 edition

This 2010 edition, incorporating further 2010 amendments, reflects the changes made as a result of the Building Regulations 2010 and Building (Approved Inspectors etc) Regulations 2010. The changes mainly reflect regulation number changes as a result of re-ordering. There have been no amendments to the substantive requirements in Schedule 1 (i.e. Parts A to P) of the Building Regulations. Please note the simplification of the definition of ‘room for residential purposes’ in regulation 2 of the Building Regulations 2010. Please also note that L1(c) has now become regulation 40.

Main changes made by the 2016 amendments

Changes reflect alterations to the regulations, principally withdrawal of Regulations 29 to 33 of the Building Regulations 2010 and their replacement by Regulation 7A of the Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 and changes in wording of Regulations 24, 25, 26, 26A, 27 and 27A of the Building Regulations 2010. There are no technical changes.

* This approved document gives guidance for compliance with the Building Regulations for building work carried out in It also applies to building work carried out on excepted energy buildings in Wales as defined in the Welsh Ministers (Transfer of Functions) (No.2) Order 2009. This approved document also gives guidance applying to buildings of statutory undertakers and of the Crown or carried out by Crown authorities in both England and Wales in respect of regulations 25, 25A, 25B and 26.

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