The requirements

This Approved Document deals with the sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency requirements in the Building Regulations 2010.

Limitation on requirements

In accordance with regulation 8 of the Building Regulations, the requirements in Parts A to D, F to K and P (except for paragraphs G2, H2 and J7) of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations do not require anything to be done except for the purpose of securing reasonable standards of health and safety for persons in or about buildings (and any others who may be affected by buildings or matters connected with buildings).

Paragraph G2 is excluded from regulation 8 as it deals with the conservation of water. Paragraphs H2 and J7 are excluded from regulation 8 because they deal directly with prevention of the contamination of water and of oil pollution. Parts E and M (which deal, respectively, with resistance to the passage of sound, and access to and use of buildings) are excluded from regulation 8 because they address the welfare and convenience of building users. Part L is excluded from regulation 8 because it addresses the conservation of fuel and power. All these matters are amongst the purposes, other than health and safety, that may be addressed by Building Regulations.

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